Pancrease is stimulated to secrete extra insulin when Byetta a synthetic drug gets to mimic the action of the hormone. The cells are triggered to absorb sugar by the hormone insulin, which usually lowers the level of blood sugars. The researchers have not yet confirmed that Byetta normally do causes thyroid cancer. The drug side effects which may lead to cancer have been reported by the people who use Byetta with some raising complaints to the doctor and others moving to court for compensation.


The drug that treats type 2 diabetes is Byetta which is being linked recently to causing serious and threatening effects. Some time back a panel of judges ruled to consolidate all the federal byetta pancreatic cancer lawsuits that involved diabetes drug including Byetta. When the manufacturer was producing the Byetta, proper research was not carried out hence the drug was causing problems to the users. The manufacturer failed to warn the public and the medical communities about the drug potential to cause cancer hence failed to adhere to the contract of practice.


A higher risk of pancreatitis and pre-cancerous growths is facing the those people who are diabetic and taking drugs, is what the recent research shows.  Another research done by scientists proved that the diabetic patients were six time greater risk of getting pancreatitis. A certain doctor carried out research that showed the diabetic patients taking Byetta are at a higher risk of being affected by thyroid cancer. Learn more of this at Pancreatic cancer is among the top five killer cancers which is very dangerous when it gets to infect a person. it is important you get to note that pancreatic is difficult to diagnose until its rate whereby it is very hard to treat. Pancreatic cancer signs and symptoms normally do include weight loss, dark urine, back pain and jaundice. It is important if you get any of the above signs and symptoms you get to visit a medical specialist for checkups if you are a patient using the Byetta medication.


There was report that should that Byetta normally causes thyroid cancer though the report did not reach the consumers of the drug. The report was forwarded to researchers to carry out further research who were to give report if the drug have the potential of causing thyroid cancer. Normally the stage and the severity of the disease is what determines the treatment to be offered for Byetta thyroid cancer. It has also come to attention that Byetta can cause acute pancreatitis and therefore patients taking the drug and experiences severe abdominal pains should seek medical attention.



There are law firms have come to the aid of all those who have complaints about the drug and is therefore important your contact them when you have an issue. The byetta lawyer in this firm is well trained and has a vast knowledge in the area.